Aran Ferries from Doolin or Galway

Passenger ferries to the Aran Islands.

Ferry services are available to the Aran Islands from Doolin in Co. Clare and Rossaveal in Co. Galway. We are the Number 1 booking service since 2004.

Just to answer a few questions and give you the best advice please note the following;

  • There are no Car Ferries to the Aran Islands.
  • Pets are normally allowed.
  • Bicycles are allowed but you should check availability with your ticket issuer.
  • Parking charges apply at both Doolin Pier and Rossaveal harbour.
  • Book in advance during the high season (June-July-August)
  • Doolin Pier is 2Km from Doolin village.
  • Rossaveal ferryport is 50-60 minutes from Galway City. Shuttle bus available.
  • Most importantly, enjoy your visit.


How long does it take?

Travel times to the Aran Islands from Rossaveal.

Rossaveal to Inis Mór (Inishmore):    40 Minutes.

Rossaveal to Inis Meáin(Inishmaan): 50 Minutes.

Rossaveal to Inis Oírr(Inisheer):        55 Minutes.

Travel times to the Aran Islands from Doolin.

Doolin to Inis Mór(Inishmore):           40 Minutes – 90 Minutes depending on operator.

Doolin to Inis Meáin(Inishmaan)       30 Minutes – 40 Minutes depending on operator.

Doolin to Inis Oírr(Inisheer)               15 Minutes (Fast Ferry)- 35 Minutes (All Others)

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